Where’s Passages Malibu?

Passages Malibu resides in the sundrenched beach city of Malibu, where sand, trails, celebs and high-end retail all come together to make up one the hottest vacation areas in SoCal. Your exclusive detoxification unit provides plenty of privacy and overlooks the sparkling Pacific Ocean. While fitness centers, spas, tennis courts and other amenities are provided by our 10-acre campus, you can also enjoy these activities beyond our luxury rehab facility.

  • Beach Destinations Galore – Malibu is where some of the most famous and beautiful beaches are waiting to be discovered. Going snorkeling, watching whales on a boat tour, and soaking up the sun are just a few things you’ll be able to do out in Socal.
  • Hikes – Solstice Canyon, Grotto Trail and Escondido Falls are just three unique trails with dazzling panoramic views at the top.
  • Fine Dining – Neptune’s Net and Malibu Farm are two of the more “casual” (still very upscale) restaurants to choose from. For the very best cuisine, however, try Nobu or Geoffrey’s!
  • Chic Fashion – The top fashion trends are available at Malibu, which is why the celebs shop here. The Malibu Country Mart has designer brands like L’Occitane and more.
  • Fun Beach Culture – Historic museums, landmarks and architecture all have a story waiting to be told. Whether you want to learn more about the history of surfing or the general topography over the years, you’ll be surprised to find Malibu is a place to learn while having fun!

What is Malibu Like?

When you are vacationing at Malibu, a typical day begins with . . .

  • A welcoming Santa Monica sunrise over the mountains
  • Surfing or sunbathing (your choice)
  • Lunch over the water
  • Jogging or biking through nature trails
  • Dinner at an all-organic café such as The Farm
  • An upscale shopping spree with celebrity sightings
  • A stroll on the warm beach under the stars

Of course, you’ll be meeting friendly locals and other tourists along the way. You’ll be amazed at how laid back good weather and beach will make everyone! It’s hard to have a bad day at Malibu!


Passages Malibu is Ready for You in Southern California

Passages Malibu is a cutting-edge luxury rehab center where eastern and western practices combine to form an all-inclusive customized treatment program for organic drug and alcohol treatment. Let the Mediterranean environment soothe your mind, body and spirit and destress under extravagant, five-star settings and treatments. If you are ready to rid yourself of a drug and alcohol addiction in a luxuriously relaxing environment, then Passages Malibu has the right amenities and treatment programs for you.

Give us a call us today to learn more about why Southern California has the perfect healing atmosphere to help you overcome drugs and alcohol. A helpful, compassionate and enthusiastic Admissions Coordinator is waiting right now for your phone call!