The Founding of Passages Malibu

Passages Malibu is an esteemed luxury Southern California (“Socal”) drug rehabilitation center that was founded in 2001 by Pax and his father, Chris Prentiss. The famous facility has since gone on to win worldwide acclaim for its high-end amenities and progressive holistic healing principles. Pax Prentiss and his father will remain ever grateful for the success of Passages Malibu, but they are even prouder of Pax for overcoming his harrowing drug and alcohol addiction.

Pax spent ten years of his life abusing alcohol and drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, and even heroin. What initially began as a well-kept secret quickly grew beyond Pax’s control as he slowly became unrecognizable to his old friends and family. Pax resorted to lies, theft, forgery and other underhanded tactics to get the chemicals that his body so sorely craved.

His addiction caused him to take increasingly bigger risks until one day Pax was hospitalized and forced to reevaluate his thinking. It was during this time that Pax finally confessed to his father that addiction was ruling and ruining the good aspects of himself and his life. With his son fully onboard and ready to change, Chris immediately sought help from the best traditional rehabilitation programs money could buy.

Unfortunately, whether he was enrolled a 12-step program or going to emergency clinics, Pax could not get the help he needed. The workers would force him to use terminology that he was uncomfortable with, labeling him as an “addict” and treating him as though he had a disease. Their vocabulary and way of thinking was demoralizing and made Pax want to abuse drugs and alcohol, even though he knew that he shouldn’t.

After multiple attempts at traditional rehab clinics failed, Pax and Chris turned to unconventional means to directly get rid of the addiction. The two of them took a prolonged trial-and-error approach that did not always look promising, but Pax was eventually able to overcome his addiction without prescription drugs or any chemicals. By combining the best of eastern and western medical philosophies, Pax was able to realize drugs and alcohol were not replacing what was truly missing from his life.

This inspiring, all-natural realization enabled Pax to identify and remove the driving causations behind his addiction, replacing them with healthier methodologies. Pax had become mentally and physically stronger, gaining clarity and spiritual purpose in the process. Chris and Pax knew that a similar approach could work for others struggling from a chemical dependency, so they started Passages Malibu.

At Passages Malibu, you too can rid yourself of addiction and find balance in your mind, body and spirit. Countless others have parted ways with their drug and alcohol addiction at Passages Malibu, where addiction specialists listen to the story behind your addiction and work hard to create a customized Treatment Program that can work for you.

If you are ready to learn more about how our customized Treatment Program can help you, then call our Admissions Department today. We’re waiting at all hours day and night to help!